What my Child is Reading

Well we got a few new Usborne books this week and they have all been instant hits. The one he enjoys most is The Big Book of Big Machines. This is a must for any little vehicle fan like mine!!

There are lovely sturdy fold out pages with huge colourful photos of vehicles and lots of facts as well!

Isaac has been quite interested in volcanoes lately and so the second book we’ve read a lot of is

Some of the way it is written is still a little over Isaac’s head but he loves the photos and when I paraphrase the information.

The last book we have read a lot of is about elephants as Isaac has shown an interest in those also! Its written in a lovely story-like style but also very informative. Its got some really interesting facts and Isaac loved the illustrations!


tttttttttttt Thursday!!

Well one of Isaac’s first questions this morning was “What letter are we doing today mummy?” so we decided on t.

First off he went round the house with my help collecting lots of things that begun with the t sound.. he was so excited to do that and he ended up with loads…. everything from tow truck to toilet tissue!!!

He then did dome printing of the letter t with a stamper before tracing the letter t with glue and sticking turtles on!

Check out the look of intense concentration hahahah!!

He then wanted to do some painting so mummy drew a (very poor!) train with a number two and he painted really nicely!

Isaac then wanted to make an army tank!! He’s been wanting to for a while so I conceded as it is a tttttt word!!!

Its covered in paper and waiting to be painted with daddy tonight but here it is in the early stages!!

We’ve come a long way….

I remember a time in the not so distant past when getting Isaac to do anything that sniffed of learning was a task and a half!! And often if activities weren’t totally dismissed they were participated in for 30 seconds. Half heartedly.

Well haven’t times changed. I wouldnt say we’ve done an utter 180 but I no longer have a little boy who won’t look twice at anything that doesn’t have wheels!!! Its so exciting, not to mention refreshing!!

So yesterday we did lots of different activities including the most suprising of all; jigsaws!! Isaac has never been a fan of jigsaws even if I got really lovely vehicle ones!! But yesterday he sat with me for ages and completed lots of little animal puzzles, a police car and two twelve piece puzzles which is a really big achievement for him! I was so proud!!!

Next up we did some naming of foam shapes and then some sticking with them

He then decided that doing activities has to always include pouring water so i got some jugs etc to pour… seeing as I was hoping to work on fine motor skills I also got a small box of raisins and some chopstick style crab tongs!!! Voila.. Isaac uses them to transfer the raisins…. all be it into the water!!

Isaac then decided he wanted to do some letter tracing which is a really new thing for him to want to do. He traced lots of letters on wipeable phonics cards really well! He then traced his name on the white board and mummy was totally proud of how carefully he tried to do it and how it turned out!!

Fffffffffffun with ffffffff!!

Well we decided to do some work on the ffffffff sound today.

First off we looked at some pictures.. naming the words that begun with the f sound. Isaac then glued lots of fish inside the outline of the letter f.

Next Isaac used the letter f stamp tp make some f pictures while repeating the sound of the letter and we looked at his mini f book.

Later on we will be reading lots of firefighter books to continue the theme of fffffff!!

What my child is reading

We have been reading lots of dinosour books this past week to go along with out dinosaur theme.. Isaac enjoyed spotting the different species in this book

Isaac is very much “getting” humour lately.. he laughs when his favourite tv character does something silly or at funny books like Mr Magnolia which we read this week. It’s a good one for rhymnig in my opinion as the same rhyming sound is maintained throughout the entire book thus emphasising the rhyme… Isaac loves to join in with “ONE BOOT”!!!!!!

The last book Isaac really enjoyed this week was The Selfish Crcodile.. the pictures are great and it has a good lesson to teach..

Foamy Fun!!

Today we had some nice sensory fun that I’d like to share. Isaac doesn’t particularly like getting his hands messy when he s painting/sticking etc but he could not resist the smooth feel of the shaving foam on the tray today.

Even though play didn’t last more than about 10 minutes I think it was a good experience for him and he drew some lovely lines and even a person in the foam!!


Thanks to my good friend Shannon we’ve been doing lots of dinosaur activities this week.

First up we painted (really carefully infact) a dinosaur outline, then cut rough triangle shapes in green for the spikes to go down the back of the dinosuar which we then carefully stuck on! I was happy with how it turned out!!

We then listerned to our audio cd of this book and matched his dinosaur figures to the pictures!

We then on the spur of the moment decided to make a land for our dinosaurs so we looked at a non fiction book about dinosaurs to see what their habitat looked like and what they liked to do/eat and came up with this which Isaac absolutely loved doing!!!

We finished up the day yesterday watching our neighbour’s copy of Ice Age 3 Dawn of the Dinosaurs as my little man has a temperature and needed to chill!!!

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