Sunny May days!!

Well its been a while.. I had trouble posting photos for a while but I think its working ok again now.

The weather has been absolutely gorgeous here of late so structured learning has hardly featured in our busy schedule of water fights, nature walks and scootering round the neighbourhood…

Today its a little cooler so we attempted to make some bubble pictures outdoors. I have seen some great effects achieved with this method so I went ahead and mixed water with paint and washing up liquid and had Isaac blow some big bubbles….. however it was a bit of a flop!!

I think maybe the container was too big… or we hadn’t enough mixture.. and the paper started to fly away everywhere!!

Oh dear… tips for next time anyone??

After that we decided to play an alphabet/search race!! I got out his Charlie and Lola wooden letters and hid three.. then told him to run find a certain one. He decided to scooter after it but he found it great fun and we continued for about 20 letters worth!!! Great practice for letter recognition and backward counting skills as I counted back from ten when he found it to race him back to the boox!!

Racing back to mummy with the letter in his grasp!!


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