Spring time

Well spring has sprung and Isaac and I have been away visiting family over Easter. We had a lovely time, not least because the weather is really glorious at the moment!!

My camera is not syncing with the computer properly right now so this post might be picture less for now but I just wanted to write about the fact that Isaac’s preschool topic this spring is Global Garden. He’s been watching chicks hatch and doing the school garden so we have begun extending this at home by getting back to nature!!

Yesterday we went on a nature walk and noted and collected all kinds of goodies for our nature table. When we got home we finally  completed something I’d been meaning to do with him for a while: we made a simple wormery! Isaac really enjoyed finding the wriggly guys and was more comfortable by the end in getting to know bugs!!

Today we have made a butterfly bar!! We simmered a solution of mashed banana, dark brown unrefined cane sugar and water and spread it on a paper plate which we then attached to a low tree branch with wool. Butterfly watch has started!!

We have some tomato plants growing indoors (there’s still come early morning frosts!) and some seeds to plant outdoors and Isaac is loving it all!! He’s such an outdoors boy!!


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