What we’re Reading!

Well seeing as I’m passionate about reading with little ones I can not wait off any longer to participate in this!!

Well we love books round here and this week has been no different.

The first book I’m going to talk about is one that became a favourite when we took it out of the library a while back and I have now purchased due to the huge enthusiasm over it!!

When I read it first I must admit it didn’t really appeal. It’s written in a kind of broken way, it doesn’t read totally coherently, to me anyway! But something about it really appeals to my son. My vehicle mad son!! Obviously the vehicles then, and I guess the really bold illustrations and, being a little boy probably all the smashing and crashing!!

The second book I’m going to mention is one I’d heard really good things about in a book about teaching your child to read (can’t remember the title sorry). It was a hit with my son right away from the first reading!

I think what initially appealed, apart from the lovely rhythm of the book, was the appearance of characters who were recognisable to my son due to his dual heritage (daddy’s family are from Barbados). The arrival of nanny and gran gran in the storyline delighted him as that is what he terms his two grandmothers! I think he also found the style and colloquialisms very familiar. Mummy was of course delighted at the read it again requests as the text is highly repetitive and in my opinion lovely for my nearly 4 year old!!

The last book I’m going to mention is a continuation on the theme really. My son found this book in the library yesterday by chance and as soon as I began to read it to him I recognised the style of the author of So Much (above) Trish Cooke.

I already think really highly of this book… the anticipation the author creates regarding the revelation of the HULABAZOO is something I have not seen in Isaac to this degree in a book for a long time. He could not wait to see what this strange character looked like!! The text is once again highly repetitive and overall a great read!!

Happy reading!!!!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Natalie
    Jan 24, 2010 @ 23:05:36

    Thank you for joining this week! We have never heard of these books, and I think that the second one will be welcome here. I’ll look for it in the library.


  2. gidgetandfroggi's mommy
    Jan 25, 2010 @ 17:10:49

    great books! 🙂


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