Simple stuff

Well as the title suggests we have not been doing much.. we did some free painting yesterday which was made more interesting by the use of various different brushes and sponges.. he enjoyed seeing the results of mixing all the colours together and declared the first picture to be an army tank with fat black wheels!!!!



and really just followed what he wanted to do after… which basically meant him deciding to pull the craft cupboard apart looking for things that interested him!!!! It resulted in some threading of beads and some glitter glue!!!!


We also got a lovely art comic today and spent some time doing the autumn art in there… it had lots of different animals and a boy flying a kite and autumn leaves so even though it was simple it encouraged a lot of chat about all things autumnal!!!!




2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. teachingmybookworms
    Oct 07, 2009 @ 17:35:29

    that autumn collage is great! he really loves nature doesn’t he! 🙂

    I think i know what i’ll get him for christmas?!


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