Isaac LOVING mummy school!!

Well, well, well what a productive morning we had!!

I’m still having issues with charging my camera but I managed to capture some of the fun on my phone this morning.

We begun by, as usual playing cars on the car mat!! We lined up sooooo many cars and talked about all his favourites… too much fun!!

Then I askde Isaac if he’d like to do a pouring activity with water which he had enjoyed a little while ago involving… you guessed it… pouring!! We got a huge jug of green coloured water, smaller jugs and boxes and a turkey baster ( Isaac’s favourite implement to play water with! )

He then wanted to do some more activities so we blew bubbles in the water and whisked it before pouring different amounts in glasses and noting the high and low notes they played when banged with a spoon!!

We then threaded some multi grain hoops onto pipe cleamers.. most were eaten at first but then he did a really good job putting the last lot on.

He spooned lentils into ice cube trays after that and finally he spiked raisins with little sticks and then posted them!! (He loved this activity so much we had to box it up to play in the bathroom while mummy was having a shower!!!)



One other thing I wanted to blog about is that my wee man is still sooooo into his books and he’s stated having a library book to bring home from school each week. It’s too cute. Last week he came home with “Fix it Duck” which he enjoyed immensely and today he brought home “Iwant my Dunny” from the little princess series which mummy is a tad dubious about!! But still, I love that his preschool is helping to instill a love of books!


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  1. kars
    Jun 13, 2009 @ 07:57:44

    very good thanks


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