I need a bigger house!!

Why is it that such small people have soooo much stuff!! Ever since Isaac was a tiny baby his belongings have taken over the place!! And it gets worse not better!! If its not cars its pens if its not pens its clothes or wellie boots or craft stuff!!

Ok so I’ll fess up. I’m not the world’s most organised human being (ahem, to put it mildly!) but I think even if i decluttered from now until Christmas I’d still be tripping over doctor’s kits as I got off the loo (yes, I really did!)

Now last week we went to visit family and we came back with more stuff than we went with (as per usual!) and its got me thinking about where to put everything!!

Especially as I have begun to accrue new things for Isaac’s Montessori inspired activities.

I’ve always been a fan of Montessori methods; I have done some Montessori stuff with him at home before but I’ve now been inspired to do more.

This post by Carisa at 1+1+1=1 gave me some effective but easy to use Montessori ideas.

So today we did lots of work on pouring. First we poured mung beans from a jug into shallow dishes. He enjoyed this and was great at pouring some into each and not overfilling the dishes!


We then used some split lentils and more jugs before graduating on to REAL water!!!

 I dyed the water green for more interest and Isaac was really great at pouring it and had a fab time!! Yes, some water got spilled but not really a lot, and he used jugs, funnels and jars and also a turkey baster to transfer the liquid!

Isaac then did some cutting with his new scissors which creates a funky edge on the cut paper. His concentration was great doing that!!

After nap time we made pancake batter togehter as it is Shrove Tuesday. Isaac loves to bake with me so he had a great time weighing the ingredients and especially cracking the eggs!!


He stirred it all up and then we cooked them and he watched as I tossed them.

He tried pancake with Nutella, with sugar, with straberries and with lemon but I think he basically just enjoyed eating the sweet things and not toooo much pancake was actually consumed!!


Afterwards we read The Big Pancake, which was quite a long story but kept Isaac totally absorbed!

The Big Pancake (Ladybird Tales)


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Carisa
    Feb 25, 2009 @ 13:06:25

    Those are SUCH cute photos of him working, I love his little facial expressions!
    🙂 Carisa


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