Snow and C for Car!!!

We woke up today to a fresh blanket of snow, even thicker than the one at the beginning of the week.

It wasn’t snowing any longer so we decided to get dressed super quick to go out and have some fun in it!

Isaac decided at the last moment that he was not interested in going out unless he could take his scooter so that came along too!



We had great fun chasing each other with snowballs and actually succeeded in making a snowman which Isaac helped me to roll around, but as we were adorning it his patience with the cold ran out and he went in demanding I make popcorn and let him watch a movie!!

Later in the day I had some activities planned to teach him the letter c. Isaac is totally, all consumingly, mad about cars!! So the first thing we did was for Isaac to stick lots of cars inside the outline of the letter C I’d drawn. He wasn’t to keen in keeping them in the lines mind!!




We then read some books about cars and saw if we could spot any ‘c’ words in the books.

We also put a poster of the letter, upper and lower case on the wall and I hope to re-inforce it in the coming days!!



1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. teachingtinytots
    Feb 11, 2009 @ 12:56:15

    great job i so love that you didn’t make him stay in the letter Cc with his cars!!! HUGE PAT ON THE BACK for MOMMY!


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