Science Saturday!!

Yesterday we took a trip into London to take Isaac to the Science Museum. He loved it!! The place is really great and although for the most part aimed at older children, caters well for preschoolers.

Isaac loved taking a trip through space.. checking out space shuttles and astronauts and giggling at their underpants!!

He also loved marvelling at all the early aircrafts and climbing aboard cockpits to show mummy where the pilot sits!

But most of all, Isaac was IN HIS ELEMENT in The Garden. A special place for the youngest visitors to play. It’s a whole sensory adventure where he could ping wellie boots to make splashing sounds bang drums and play xylophone. He looked in mirrors, watched ping pong balls being blown around and spun light wheels. He played in water, exploring sinking and floating and all sorts. And, probably the most fun of all was had in the construction area where he donned a hard hat and piled bricks into wheelbarrows, used ropes to lower them up and down and threw them down shoots.

Check out the pictures (the quality is not great as silly mummy forgot her camera and had to take photos using her phone!)



After lunch we made a brief visit to the Natural History Museum to show Isaac the giant dinosaur skeletons. Although he was getting tired he liked them and has not gone anywhere since without his little pack of  T rex and co.

We also got a great book I’d like to share as a fab introduction to Dinosaurs. Quite basic information, but presented in catchy, memorable rhyme with bright illustrations. Since we got it, if we haven’t been reading it, we’ve been listening to the audio cd!!



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