Rainy days…

Well it’s dank, dark and drizzling!! And no, we’re not studying the letter d!! In fact we are doing very little in the way of pre school activities.

Isaac’s mood suits the weather. Dark and unsettled. He doesn’t want to paint. Or glue. Or read. Or count. Or do any of the huge variety of stuff I’ve tried to “sell” to him this morning!!

I’ve been creative in my tactics to try to get him to play ball…. sneakily leaving pens and colouring pages with favourite characters around the room… suggesting large creations with boxes and a current Isaac fascination – sticky tape – ….. even some gentle coercion involving sugary treats in return for 15 minutes craft (i know i know!!).. but my son’s too smart.. he’s got me just where he wants me.. just short of begging… so for now…. it’s Isaac 1 Mummy 0 and I’m here watching him on my bed being a……. being a……… I don’t even know… I think I’ll let the picture explain…


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